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Ingenería y Tecnología

Áreas de Actividad

Infraestructuras y Edificación

GHESAís Department for Management of Infrastructures and Airports is made up of a large multidisciplinary team supported by experts in different specialist areas to assure adequate project design.

GHESA know-how and quality procedures permit the development of large and complex projects.

GHESA has developed a noteworthy activity in the Airport and Hospital Sectors as well as in other projects in a diversity of fields such as:

  • 1. Industrial Buildings.
  • 2. Underground railway.
  • 3. Accommodation.
  • 4. Restaurant Installations.
  • 5. Civil Works in general.

GHESA Services

As well as specific Project activities, GHESA has Developer consultancies in the field of Infrastructures and Buildings including services such as:

  • 1. Reports and Due Diligences on the state of infrastructures and buildings.
  • 2. Technical Consultancies to evaluate problems and to propose solutions.
  • 3. Technical Assistance in the preparation of Documents on Technical Specifications.
  • 4. Support in the preparation of technical documents for tenders.
  • 5. Studies of feasibility.

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