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Ingenería y Tecnología


GHESA Enginering and Tecnology was initially constituted for the development of projects in the electricity sector, particularly for power generation. Since then, the Company has become widely diversified in other fields in which it has been possible to achieve synergy of technological capability and project management know-how.

GHESA was established in 1963 by major Spanish electric utilities in collaboration with the American consulting engineering company, Gibbs & Hill, Inc. (NY). The latter assumed the role of technology partner until the takeover by the Spanish participants in 1992. In 1971, after the launching of the second phase of the Spanish Nuclear Program, GHESA promoted the creation of AIE in collaboration with other Spanish engineering companies to share capacities and resources for the development of nuclear power stations and other macroprojects for thermoelectric generation. The activities of EA are controlled by an Economic Interest Group: Agrupación de Interés Económico (EA, AIE).

At present, GHESA, with a staff of 500 employes, together with the consortium AIE, with global resources of some 1000 people, constitute one of the most important engineering groups in Europe, with technological management capacity for developing a diversity of complex projects both nationally and internationally.

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