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Combined Cycles


GHESA has executed out the engineering, design, equipment and material procurement, construction, start-up and EPC turnkey projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in numerous cogeneration projects based on steam and gas turbines, a diversity of boiler types, in a diversity of industrial sectors: textile, paper and cardboard, ceramic, food, chemical and petrochemical.

GHESA’s ample experience in the power generation sector, in this type of installations associated with industrial processes, permits the improvement and optimization of industrial energy processes and the consequent cost reduction in the installation.

We also assist our clients in the efficient application of optimal solutions for their new projects for electric power stations, as well as analysis and modernisation and rehabilitation of existing cogeneration plants, collaborating with our services in the improvement and maintenance of the plants.


GHESA is actively involved in the field of Combined Cycles. Some of our references are:

Colortex Combined cycle

Combined cycle with gas natural of 10 +3 MW with steam output to process.

more information

Portucel Viana Combined cycle

Natural gas Combined cycle of 30 MWe and recovery boiler with steam output...

more information

Europac Dueñas Combined cycle

One 28 MWe gas turbine.

more information

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